Millstone Cellars Cocktail Takeover at LeGarage

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Millstone Cellars

catch of the day fish (2)If that headline just blew your mind, it could be for one of two reasons. The first is that those are a lot of words that don’t necessarily retain any meaning when strung together in that way. The second is that if any of those things (Millstone Cellars or LeGarage, say) do mean anything to you, you know it’s time to get excited and mark your calendar. So here’s where we break it down. Millstone Cellars is our top fave local cider-maker. Are there others? Maybe. But these guys have it down. Everything they brew tastes like it’s from a fairytale, and yet is distinctly grownup. LeGarage is the hot new craft booze spot in Hampden, and also a purveyor of gourmet fries and other eats. And a cocktail takeover is just what it sounds like.Thursday, September 25th, Millstone Cellars (from Monkton) will in fact takeover LeGarage for a special cocktail night using their own artisanal ciders and meads. Should we add that this is a perfect event for those who love a finely crafted fermented beverage but need to avoid gluten? Absolutely. There will be four special cocktails made, each highlighting one of Millstone’s unique ciders and meads. Chef Sarah of LeGarage will provide light hor d’eorvres and snacks, and all you need to do is take it all in.

LeGarage is located at 911 W.36th Street in Baltimore. For more information, vist

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