Missing in Anne Arundel: Several Likenesses of Presidents and Other Statesmen on Small, Green Pieces of Paper

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If you happen to find a bag with “a large amount of cash” inside please contact the Maryland State Police at the Glen Burnie Barrack at 410-761-5130. (Here’s hoping!)

Early Thursday morning a convenience-store clerk headed out with a bag of cash to deposit in the bank. Unfortunately, he left the bag sitting on top of his car as he drove off. State Police have said the money in the bag was a five-figure sum. Let’s hope that includes two decimal places!

Now, the police report would only say that the clerk worked for “a convenience store,” but went on to describe the bag as light red with “7-11” written on it. I’m not usually one to speculate, but I can’t help but wonder if that convenience store he works at might in fact be a 7-Eleven.

The Washington Post‘s crack team of Internet commenters are already hard at work coming up with likely scenarios and predicting outcomes. “FrankMonzon” accuses the clerk, who he thinks has the money “stashed till this blows over.” “hritewing” holds out little hope that the money will be recovered because “7-11 is a rip off any way.” “ara414” addresses the clerk directly with his prognosis: “Wow, you are TOAST dude.”


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  1. The WaPo gets all the commenters and frankly I am tired of BFB having little to no comments. After I am done reading your informing and entertaining articles the next best thing is to see what the people think — in the comments section.
    I hope this will start a trend of people sharing their views, both logical and irrational. Maybe even a troll or two.
    Possibly, after working long hours, being lulled into a trance by hot dogs rotating thousands of times over heated rollers, the clerk could have been tired, left the bag atop his car.
    If no, “ara414” might be onto something

  2. I’m sorry, but so much about this story is hilarious that I have a hard time feeling bad about the poor clerk losing his job, which maybe he will, and maybe he won’t. We live in a world of second chances. Good luck, buddy!

    • I get a pit in my stomach every time I think of that poor clerk realizing what he/she had done!! Ugh.

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