Mo’Nique Says She Was “Blackballed” After Her Oscar Win

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Mo’Nique and her husband Sydney Hicks at the 82nd Academy Awards in 2010.

Baltimore-born-and-raised comic Mo’Nique won an Oscar for her role in Lee Daniels’s Precious in 2010, and since then she’s seen movie role after movie role evaporate, she told the Hollywood Reporter.

Mo’Nique said Daniels initially offered her roles in The Butler, Fox’s Empire, and an upcoming Richard Pryor biopic, only to see them suddenly “taken off the table.” She said Daniels called her some months ago and told her, “Mo’Nique, you’ve been blackballed.” Why? “Because [she] didn’t play the game.”

It’s not totally clear what Mo’Nque — or Daniels — is referring to, but the comedian-turned-actor said she has a reputation for being “difficult,” and took flak for not “campaigning” for her Oscar in 2010. (What? Hollywood is weird.)

THR reached out to Daniels for an explanation. He responded that Mo’Nique’s “demands through Precious were not always in line with the campaign. This soured her relationship with the Hollywood community.”


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