More Crime, Fewer Cops, but BPD Says No One Should Worry

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Now here's an idea...
Now here’s an idea…

The Baltimore Police Department is currently operating with 200 vacant staff positions and 97 officers suspended for various reasons, but Sgt. Sarah Connolly maintain that while the department is nearly 300 officers short “that’s not going impact the safety of our citizens.” It’s hard to believe, but what else could we expect her to say? “Everyone is advised to stay indoors while we craigslist 200 new cops”?

To be fair, Connolly offers more than her say-so. The BPD has been using heaps of overtime and shift rearranging to make up for the lack. But as city Councilman Brandon Scott points out, at the very least that policy could jeopardize “the safety of those officers because they’re working so many hours.”

And while we’re looking at 29 homicides in the last 30 days, it’s hard to see where that’s working out for civilian safety either.

According to WJZ, the department has enlisted the services of a consulting firm, which will develop a “comprehensive strategic plan” to manage the scarcity of officers.

Until then, nobody worry.

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