M&T Bank Stadium is a Snow Fortress

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via SRB/Facebook

Getting to the stadium can sometimes be a pain on Ravens gamedays, but at least it doesn’t involve crossing the frozen mountains.

The question of where to put snow is one of the organizational quandaries that cities face when a storm like Jonas moves through. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have said the city has a permit to put snow in the harbor. But with the empty lot surrounding the city’s football stadium, the first option appears to be land.

Once it leaves your block, the parking lot of M&T Bank Stadium is one of the prime places to find the snow. Crews have also brought in a big melter at the site, which can melt 150 tons per hour, according to CBS Baltimore.

It’s part of an operation that Rawlings-Blake’s office said now includes more than 1,500 pieces of equipment. They have removed 4 million pounds of snow.

But as people who are still snowed in know all too well, the plowing and clearing is not complete. Last night, she estimated 85 percent of streets are “passable.” She acknowledged it is “beyond frustrating” if streets have not been plowed, but said the city is working to get to every street.

The snow removal has led to some normalcy creeping back into life. The MTA resumed full transit services on Thursday. Garbage pickup also resume Thursday, albeit in the front of houses.

City schools, however, will still be closed on Friday.

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