MTA Launches Bus Tracking System for Riders

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Maryland Transit Administration buses are not famous for being on time, so multiple services that use GPS tracking to estimate your bus’s actual arrival time are a welcome idea. (What would be even better is to have the buses stick to the schedule, but beggars can’t be choosers.)

On Monday, My MTA Tracker for Bus went into beta. So you can feel free to start using it if you don’t mind jumping in before all the “challenges” have been “iron[ed] out.”

There are a few ways to use the service. You can use your smart phone or computer to connect to to look up schedules and estimated arrival times for buses. You can set yourself up to receive automatic notifications of the arrival time of a given bus route via text or email at You can also use any old phone to get ETAs by dialing up (41) 539-5000 and talking either to a real person or to a clever robot.

The web app is actually a little complicated, at least at first. I recommend viewing the tutorial video first.

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