The Nation Turns Its Eyes to Maryland’s Governor Race

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The nation turns its eyes to Maryland's Governor's Race
Anthony Brown is the one on the left. (via Astute Magazine)

Even as Marylanders have been mostly apathetic about their own gubernatorial candidates, the increasingly close race between heir-apparent Democrat Anthony Brown and underdog Republican Larry Hogan has gotten the attention of national political figures.

By going on the offensive and framing Brown’s election as “[Gov. Martin] O’Malley’s third high-tax term,” Hogan has turned what was a lost cause — or a sure thing, depending on what side of the political divide you’re on — into a competitive race. (Polls have put it everywhere from dead even to a 13-point lead for Brown.) And now both parties are bringing national funds and national faces into the mix.

According to the Baltimore Sun, a Michael Bloomberg-funded political action committee will drop $500,000 on TV ads that skewer Hogan for his endorsement by the National Rifle Association. President Barack Obama, former president Bill Clinton and potential future president Hillary Clinton have jumped into the fray with personal appearances and fund-raising assists.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will have visited Maryland on behalf of Hogan three times before the campaign is over, and former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge has hosted a Hogan rally.


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