New White House Fence Jumper Is From Bel-Air

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White House Fence Jumper Dominic Adesanya
Via Dominic Adesanya’s Instagram account

Wednesday night, another person jumped the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. and made it onto the White House lawn. This time the man was apprehended before making it to the residence. The jumper has been identified as Dominic Adesanya, 23, of Bel Air, Md.

A LinkedIn account in Adesanya’s name boasts a network of zero and a few angsty jokes. His professions are identified as “American Slave” and “Ha Ha at Rothschild.” In another reference to the prominent banking family, the profile says: ““Still waiting for Nathaniel Philip Rothschild and his father; Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild-4th Baron Rothschild to let me go. Whenever that day comes…”

An Instagram account in his name includes a picture of himself in a gas mask and a comment that he hopes President Obama gets impeached, among a bunch of standard Instagram fare.

The secret service released dogs on Adesanya, who attempted to fight them off. Adesanya was hospitalized after suffering several dog bites, but has since been released from the hospital into custody. He faces “two counts of felony assault on a police officer (K-9), one felonious count of making threats and four counts of resisting/unlawful entry, which is a misdemeanor.”

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