New Year Evolution Camp from INLINE Fitness

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catch of the day fish (2)Already feeling the winter weight left behind by the marathon of meals stretching from Thanksgiving until now? Well, tonight you get one last grab at the endless wine glasses and mini quiches before it’s New Years Resolution time. But if you want to go out this evening feeling fully resolved and guilt free, why not sign up now to fulfill your resolution later? Make the commitment today that your more hungover self tomorrow may not be in the mood for. It’s time for INLINE Fitness’ New Years Evolution Camp– an amazing (and fun) way to get fit and toned in the new year, all with plenty of encouragement and guidance from fitness pros.

INLINE owner and trainer Josh Kirk guarantees that this program will allow you to “do things you didn’t think possible and in the process lose fat weight, inches, lengthen your body, and get the defining tone you have always wanted.” That’s the kind of promise we like. The workouts are a combination of all the best techniques and classes INLINE offers normally: HIIT, Sculpt, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, and even Kick Boxing. Participants enjoy the support of trainers, fellow trainees, and best of all, never become bored or hit a plateau. You get three workouts per week for six weeks, as well as six bonus classes to use how you choose. It’s a no-fail plan to get you totally buff by spring, and feeling fine while on your way.

The INLINE New Year Evolution Camp begins January 12th and runs for six weeks. For more information, or to sing up, visit

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