New York Democrats to Support O’Malley (If Hillary Doesn’t Run)

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Martin O'Malley

A certain unnamed “strong Clinton backer whose views carry considerable weight with party members” told the New York Post that New York Democrats favor former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley for president in 2016 — that is, should Hillary Clinton decide not to run.

The anonymous Democrat is described as “prominent,” “well-known,” and someone “who has had frequent contact with the former first lady and New York senator.” Oh my goodness, could it be Bill?!

Whoever it is, he or she said that though Clinton’s recent email scandal (in which it was discovered she conducted State Department business through her personal email account) hasn’t yet “forced [her] out of the race,” it’s put her and her emails into a position once occupied by President Richard Nixon and his Watergate tapes.

This source said O’Malley is the New York Dems’ understudy of choice because he “is a guy who has always done the right thing politically.” A dubious compliment, if you ask me.


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