NFL Sponsors Have Shifted Ads Away from Ravens Games

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NFL sponsors
Photo via Russell Street Report

According to a report from the Hollywood Reporter — tacitly confirmed by CBS — one national sponsor of the NFL has asked that its ads not air during Ravens games (or, for that matter, Vikings games). Another asked that its ad be shifted to another slot during coverage of the Sept. 11 game, “likely away from a discussion of the violence issue,” specifically Ray Rice’s assault, during the pregame report on CBS.

These ad shifts don’t have much direct impact on the NFL. Neither sponsor actually took their business away from the NFL per se, and CBS “filled up those spots [vacated by the advertisers] in about five seconds.” But the other shoe has yet to drop concerning the NFL’s handling of the situation. And given the recent report that the NFL’s security chief was sent the second video of the Ray Rice assault back in April — contrary to the organization’s official claim that no one there saw it until it was leaked by TMZ — more advertisers may yet get even more uncomfortable with the Ravens and the NFL as a whole.


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