Not too Late for Dangerously Delicious Thanksgiving Pie Orders

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catch of the day fish (2)We always start out with big ambitions for Thanksgiving. We’ve got recipes clipped from magazines, other people’s best dishes favorited on Instagram, and a well-planned schedule for how we’re going to get it all done with room in the oven to spare. And yet, as the big day draws nearer, some of those plans tend to drop away. The several Martha Stewart side dishes we’d planned to make have dwindled to one or two, and we’re delegating responsibilities left and right. But you don’t want to farm out the oh-so-important task of pie-making to just anyone. After all, pie is generally delicious, but Thanksgiving is its biggest day of the year, and can absolutely steal the show when you get a good one. So be sure to leave your guests wanting more (and with lasting memories of the most delicious Thanksgiving ever) with at least one pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies– the only people we’d trust our dessert course to.

Dangerously Delicious will be taking orders for Thanksgiving pies through November 22nd, so you can still get your order in if you act fast. They’ve got all the usual staples, like pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, and apple (plus about a zillion more) as well as savories, should you want to spruce up the dinner course a bit with pork BBQ or vegan chili for an unpredictable twist. So even if you still feel certain that you’ll be able to do those caramelized brussels sprouts, string beans with ginger, the turkey, the yams, and be able to find space in the oven for that lattice-top blueberry tart– you still may want to drop Dangerously Delicious a line. You know– just in case.

Dangerously Delicious Pies is located at 2839 O’Donnell Street in Baltimore. For more information, or to order a pie, visit

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