Now we know what we need: Survival Food Kits

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Oh, Sandy. We hardly knew you. We kept hearing about you before you came. People said all of the nastiest things about you. In response, some of us battened down the hatches and stocked up on candles. Others simply declared, and I quote, “I don’t believe in weather.” Well, it turns out we were all right. For some you brought just a few picnic-prevention days, while for others the effects will be lasting and more severe. One thing a few days without power or grocery stores could teach us? Next time, have a survival food supply. And we’re not just talking about a few cans of beans and tuna. No. If you’re going to survive the apocalypse, you might as well survive it in style with teriyaki chicken, beef stroganoff, and raspberry crumble (yes, you can have dessert after the collapse).

While you’re sitting at home playing Scrabble and waiting for business as usual to fully resume, you could (power and internet allowing) take the opportunity to place an order with Mountain House—a company specializing in prepackaged survival food kits. Each kit comes tailored to your predicted needs (2 people for 72 hours, 1 person for a week, 3 people for a year, whatever), and includes vacuum sealed pouches of prepared food that requires minimal preparation but provides the nutrition and morale boost you’ll need to make it through the next storm.

You can find Mountain House survival kits at

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