Ocean City Riled Up over Mysterious Pole Dancer

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Ocean City riled up over pole dancerIf there’s one thing Ocean City hates as much as smoking, it’s swearing. Er, I mean laser pointers. No, no, it’s pole dancing!

On Saturday night, an anonymous bikini-clad woman set up a portable pole on the Ocean City boardwalk and danced for a little while, according to the Baltimore Sun. The resort town’s family-friendly faction was none too pleased. Art shop owner Joe Kro-Art called the police, who showed up but ultimately did nothing. The fact is, there isn’t much they can do when it comes to street performers.

Ocean City had to stop hassling performers following a 2012 injunction which had city officials signing a document “promising to pretty-much leave street performers alone, as long as they restrict their artistry to designated areas of the boardwalk.”

Well, the city ran into a similar problem when it came to swearing on the boardwalk. They couldn’t actually outlaw it, so instead they posted pleading signs. I don’t see why they shouldn’t take the same tack here. Some pleasant blue signs that read “NO POLE DANCING PLEASE” with a little “BE COURTEOUS” under it.

As of yet, the mysterious pole dancer has not returned.

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  1. Then they could follow that with “will the tacky and ugly condos please go away.” Of course, the ancillary “Be artful” would be beneath it.

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