Ocean City Has Seriously Banned Laser Pointers

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laser pointers
I told you they’d come for our laser pointers!

I love keeping up with Ocean City’s efforts to crack down on vice on the beach. Recently, we’ve seen the resort town implement an unenforceable “ban” on boardwalk profanity (a campaign they say is going quite well) and decide to make the “vast majority of the beach” smoke-free in 2015. They’ve also cracked down on underage drinking during beach week. In the frenzy, I somehow missed the Town Council’s passage of a ban on the sale and possession of laser pointers back in May.

On its face, it seems like a pretty frivolous ban (at least to me), but apparently it’s no joke. According to WBAL, Ocean City Police had received 975 reports of “laser pointer abuse” in the last three years. The laser pointers were being aimed at helicopter pilots, bus drivers, and tram operators.

It got so bad that in 2010 Maryland State Police delivered the town an ultimatum: solve the laser-pointer issue or go without Medevac service!

So you’ll be happy to know that since the ban went into effect, police have received zero complaints about laser pointers.



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