O’Malley Bot: ‘I’m Always Writing, Jorge’

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Gov. Martin O'Malley

The battery that powers Gov. Martin O’Malley’s interview apparatus must have been running out of juice when he was interviewed by Fusion’s Jorge Ramos on Monday. He seemed to give inordinately anxious and rambling answers to fairly straightforward questions. When asked if he would endorse Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, he replied: “I am seriously considering running in 2016, but the most important politics of all is to govern well and to govern truthfully in the trust that you have.” The first part I get, but the rest sounds like a mistranslated political fortune cookie.

O’Malley really went on the fritz when Ramos asked whether the potential candidate was currently writing a book. O’Malley laughed and said, “I’m always writing, Jorge.” Okay, but should we take that to mean you are writing a book? “I’m always writing, Jorge,” he repeated, like a malfunctioning machine.

O’Malley came off so jittery and unprepared you’d think he had no clue Ramos was going to be asking any questions about his presidential ambitions.

If you want to see O’Malley become the first human being to fail the Turing test, watch the video here.

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