O’Malley Mentioned in Hilarious SNL Cold Open

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hillary-clinton-snlMartin O’Malley has really come into his own as a politician on the national stage. Which is to say, he got a mention on the Saturday Night Live cold open. Fittingly, the sketch is almost entirely about O’Malley’s massive party rival Hillary Clinton.

Kate McKinnon (whose Justin Bieber impersonations are incredible) plays Clinton as hopelessly vain and self-assured, announcing her candidacy for president.

The O’Malley reference begins at 3:36.

“I know this election season won’t be easy,” she says, feigning humility. “I’m sure I will face some stiff competition from my fellow Democrats, people like Martin O’Malley who could really give me a run for my money.” She then breaks into uncontrollable laughter at the unlikelihood.

She goes on, still laughing: “I’m sorry. I broke. It’s too funny. Martin O’Malley instead of me. He sounds like a Simpsons character.”

Assuming O’Malley stays in this thing, we can look forward to more SNL jokes about him. I wonder who’ll play O’Malley come debate time!

Here’s the whole thing:

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