O’Malley Just Accepted Public Financing

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Martin O'Malley

Low on cash, Martin O’Malley has resorted to public financing to fund his presidential campaign.

That means the Federal Election Commission will match all donations to his campaign up to $250 each, but he can spend no more than $48 million in the primary.

The decision earns O’Malley the dubious distinction of being the first major-party presidential candidate to utilize public financing since John Edwards in 2008. That distinction becomes even more dubious when you consider that Edwards’s campaign manager Joe Trippi told BuzzFeed it was “effectively the end of [O’Malley’s] campaign.” Trippi was categorical. “No campaign that is serious can win taking that money,” he said.

If that didn’t sound dramatic enough, Trippi went on: ““I have no glee in saying any of this… It’s a horrible way for a campaign to die.”


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