O’Malley Rolls a Burrito, Advocates for Nat’l Minimum Wage Hike

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O'Malley pushes for minimum wage hike
Bethesda’s Boloco, via boloco.com

Boloco is a Boston-based burrito chain that — in addition to covering its website with intense, manifesto-like ravings — pays all of its workers better than minimum wage. That’s why Gov. Martin O’Malley, U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, and Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett chose Boloco’s Bethesda location for a press event to push for a national minimum wage hike.

The angle the politicians are working is that paying employees a living wage is good for business. Boloco CEO Patrick Renna, who was also on hand, said that starting employees at $9 an hour gives him a happier, more loyal workforce, which enhances the customer’s experience.

The three politicians took a trip behind the counter as employees showed them how to prepare burritos. But according to Bethesda Now, O’Malley opted out of the guacamole-making session to to nosh. Just saying.

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  1. doesn’t this show that the free market can make these decisions and we don’t need the government forcing a franchisee or business owner to pay more than he feels the employee’s value brings to the business?

    If Boloco is correct and they hire happier employees, then they will steal market share from burrito shops that have less happy lower paid workers. And the best workers will gravitate toward the higher wage chains.

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