O’Malley’s March Returns to Baltimore Stage

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martin-omalleyMartin O’Malley was breaking out his guitar on the presidential campaign trail as often as possible, but it never seemed to catch on. So now that the campaign is complete, the former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor is returning to more familiar environs with his axe.

O’Malley’s March booked their first post-campaign gig at the Creative Alliance. The March 13 show is timed just before St. Patrick’s Day.

On the campaign trail, O’Malley turned to covers of Taylor Swift for The View, and made $1.74 busking on Wall Street. He finally let it slip that what he really wants is a record deal.

So,with his campaign suspended, O’Malley is once again free to ditch the rolled up sleeves for a full cutoff, and play Pogues covers once again. And you thought he would just fade back into his Johns Hopkins professorship.

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  1. If only he were actually a good musician. I would have preferred he left his guitar in his case during his campaign. Having said that, I like O’Malley as a man and generally as a politician.

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