O’Malley’s Moving Back to Baltimore

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moving back to baltimore

Northern Baltimore residents, get ready to welcome some new neighbors. Gov. Martin O’Malley and family are moving back to Baltimore city, and they’re looking for a house in your neck of the woods!

According to the Baltimore Sun, the term-limited governor and his wife, Baltimore District Court Judge Katie O’Malley, are “actively house shopping” as they prepare to leave Government House in 2015. (Maybe they’ll peruse some of our “House of the Day” listings.)

The home will have to be pretty spectacular for it to compare to the mansion they’ve been living in for almost eight years. The 144-year-old Government House was built as a high-style Victorian and revamped in the 1930s to look more colonial. It’s got a conservatory with a barrel ceiling, stately portraits and busts all over the place, and a dining room that could seat about a million. Well, that’s what the public rooms are like, anyway. For all I know, the private rooms are all wood paneling and shag carpet.

Either way, the new place will definitely need a decent garage for band practices.




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