One Laker/One Love: Boys’ Latin Devotes Day to Breaking Down Stereotypes

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BL One Love event
Boys’ Latin students gather at last year’s event.

Building on the success of its first One Laker/One Love Day last spring, all 600 Boys’ Latin students will convene on April 15 to learn lessons on values beyond the classroom and to inspire the boys to seek true excellence in all that they do at school, and in their lives beyond Lake Avenue.

At the all-day event, students and speakers will address relationship violence and oversimplified views of masculinity. The event grew out of a student-led initiative in partnership with the One Love Foundation, which was created by Sharon Love, mother of Yeardley Love, the Baltimore native and UVA college lacrosse player who tragically lost her life at the hands of her former boyfriend in 2010. Students in the upper school created the One Love Club to raise awareness about healthy relationships and identify the warning signs of relationship violence. Because BL believes that these conversations should begin early, the school engages the entire K-12 community in One Laker/One Love Day.

Last year, each division created developmentally appropriate activities around the topic of relationship violence. The focus this year will be on how to overcome stereotypes and, in the process, embrace a healthier generation of boys and young men.

“In each division, we are creating developmentally appropriate activities, lessons, and speakers for their boys,” says school counselor and club advisor Megan Kenney.

At mid-day, all 600 students will come together for a one-school aerial photograph followed by divisional activities. The lower school will focus on representations and stereotypes of boys and men. The middle school will focus on self-awareness, relationships, and self-expression; and the upper school students will view the film, The Mask You Live In, a documentary about boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity.

The upper school will also hear from former NFL player and coach, Joe Ehrmann, and engage in small
group discussions and activities. Before the event, each division will provide context to prepare the students for the activities and discussion. The Boys’ Latin seventh and eighth-grade lacrosse teams are running one million yards in 30 days in support of One Love’s Yards for Yeardley.

The Parents’ Association, school administration, the students, and faculty all contributed to the day. “BL is thrilled to be organizing another day that we are proud of and that we know will have a positive impact on the boys,” says Sarah Woods, director of strategic communications at BL.  An impact that will be felt by current students and generations to come.

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