One-Pot Recipes for Every Meal

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This is the time of year where nothing’s better than coming home to a pot of simmering something. Click to find a ton of one pot recipes to keep you and your family warm and nourished. 


(Healthier) Game Day Snacks

Step up your game-day entertaining with these simple Big Game Day snacks that are fast and easy to help you create the perfect party. Click to read more.


5 Make-Ahead Lunches

“One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon is preparing a week’s worth of lunches in advance. This is a surefire way to make sure I eat healthier during the work week and save money (by not ordering takeout every day)!” Click to read more of this article by Amber, Relay’s marketing manager.


Eating Seasonally: February

Ah, February—winter’s middle. This month’s list of seasonal produce looks a lot like last month’s, doesn’t it? That’s winter for you. Yet, though the options are sparse, the meals they can used to create are many and delicious. Click to read more.


February in Baltimore

Don’t let the cold keep you from enjoying all the city has to offer! This month you can fly down the street in your own derby car, shop for the perfect locally-crafted gift for your sweetheart, and focus on wellness in the new year. Click to see where you can find us this month.


Few traditions stand as hallowed in ‘merica as The Big Game. Score big on Sunday with a big bowl of chili, with all-natural ground turkey and beef, both on sale this week! Go for the extra point with local Moctec tortilla chips and a selection of items from our in-house Chop Chop prepared produce line, perfect complements to your chili!


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