Orioles FanFest 2015

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catch of the day fish (2)Forget football season. We’re onto the next. The Orioles know that, which is why next weekend marks Orioles FanFest– the place where you can show your love for the Os well before baseball season starts. Sadly, all of the autograph signing sessions are already sold out, alas. But there’s plenty more fun to be had. The FanFest will includ appearances by current and former Orioles players and coaches, baseball clinics for kids, clubhouse tours, interactive games, tons of amazing memorabilia dealers, and much more. The FanFest will also feature an exhibit that’s all about Sarasota spring training, and question and answer forums. You’ll meet all your fellow Orioles devotees and get to geek out with other baseball lovers about what we should be expecting this season. It’s a great way to take your mind off the Super Bowl, and to remind yourself that warmer weather, and a better season are on the horizon. And with a few key purchases at the FanFest, you’ll be more than prepared once they arrive.

Orioles FanFest 2015 takes place Saturday, January 31st at the Baltimore Convention Center. For more information, or tickets, visit the event’s website.

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