Orioles Place a Billboard Near the DC Border, Again

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Last year around this time, Chris Lingebach of 106.7 The Fan was outraged to see that there was an Orioles billboard “strategically placed along I-295” that could “be seen by traffic flowing into the District, and is located a mere 6.5 miles from Nationals Park.” Ahhhh! Chad Dukes hated it, too.

Well, perhaps the Orioles’ evil machinations worked for them last year, because they’ve got another one up this year — also “strategically placed” so that people might be able see it as they drive.

Of course, it’s a non-issue, and outside of a few outliers, Nats fans don’t seem to care. Why should they? The two teams have almost nothing to do with each other’s success. So, I guess all I’m saying is, Carry on.

Now let’s power through Easter, Passover, and Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments to watch the O’s beat the Rays on Monday.

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