Orioles VP Says Trump Apology Would Have to Come Before POTUS First Pitch

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Frank Underwood was welcomed to throw out the first pitch at Camden Yards. Donald Trump, however, may not be getting the ball.

Orioles Executive Vice President John Angelos was on the B-more Opinionated podcast to talk about the upcoming baseball season. It’s spring training, so there are still decisions left to be made, such as who will throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Angelos was asked if the team would consider having Trump on the mound. Angelos said he would like to see Trump apologize or retract some of his controversial statements before getting the call. Here’s more, per the Washington Post.

“And the first step to doing extremely well is for this person, this individual who is in the office of the presidency to retract all the outrageous things that have been said and simply do one thing: apologize. You don’t say those things about women, you don’t say those things about different ethnic groups, different national origins, people who are disabled, all that. And if you do say them, you’re a big enough person to withdraw them and apologize.”

Angelos said it would ultimately be the owners’ call about who throws the first pitch. He’s not technically part of that group. But as the son of owner Peter Angelos, he’s pretty close.

Angelos hasn’t been shy about speaking up about politics, tweeting thoughts about the protests that followed Freddie Gray’s death, and telling the New York Times about why the O’s are the only MLB team to alternate progressive anthem “This Land is Your Land” during the seventh inning stretch. Something tells us the latter will be around again this year.

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