Now There’s a Neighborhood Osprey Cam in Severna Park

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Severna Park's Osprey Cam on Friday
Severna Park’s Osprey Cam on Friday

There are plenty of bird cams in Baltimore with sweeping views, but the latest offers a view of how more nests may be sprawling in the near future.

What a new webcam showing an osprey nest in Severna Park lacks in high-flying views of the Transamerica Tower and the antics on the Bay Bridge, it makes up for in backstory. The original nest was located on a light pole in Severna Park High School, but that had to be removed.

To make up for the nest negation, BGE agreed to set aside space for a new nest. At first, they tried a crane, but the birds kept bringing the nest back to a light pole. While the birds were south for the winter, BGE created a platform where the ospreys now make their home.

Mark and Heather Jeweler arranged for the platform to come to their neighborhood, and set up partnerships with Comcast and HDontap to set up the webcam.

Check out the webcam.

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