Paint and Sip at the Painted Palette

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Painted Palette

catch of the day fish (2)If art history teaches us anything, it’s that creative genius is often fueled by a bit of wine. Or maybe more than a bit. And if you’re looking to get in touch with your own inner Van Gogh (or Picasso, or Kahlo) this winter, check in at the Painted Palette for either this evening’s Date Night, or tomorrow’s Mimosa Morning. The wine will be flowing, as will be the cadmiums and cobalts—and the opportunity for a little creative sparring with your date.


The Painted Palette specializes in events that let you explore your own creativity in a relaxed and fun setting, with step-by-step instructions from a skilled instructor. By the end of the evening, you go home with a piece of art you created yourself, and you’ll likely be amazed at your own talents. This weekend, you can opt for tonight’s Date Night at 7pm, or tomorrow’s Mimosa Morning—at which you bring the bubbly, and they supply the OJ. Now all you have to decide is whether you’re at your creative peak in the evening or the morning—then show up and let the juices flow.

The Painted Palette is located at 5708 Newbury Street in Baltimore. For more information, visit

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