Passport to Baltimore Fashion Event September 8th

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Passport to Baltimore

catch of the day fish (2)Every so often, an event comes across our desk that has it all: great deals on stuff we love, combined with a fabulous event, and topped off with the opportunity to put our money toward a good cause. And when we hear of such a thing, we try to get the word out with haste. Which is why we’re giving you a week’s notice to mark your calendars for Passport to Baltimore, a fashion event and fundraising launch brought to you by the Junior League of Baltimore and Green Spring Station. The event is a launch for the Passport to Baltimore card. The card gets you exclusive discounts at participating shops for one week in November, and another in the spring of 2014. You can purchase a card at participating retailers for $35, or simply attend the official launch on September 8th, where they throw one in with your ticket price.

From noon until 2pm on September 8th, Green Spring Station will host an afternoon of delights – the latest fall fashions from Green Spring Station boutiques, other area shops, brunch and small bites, and even salon and spa mini treatments for attendees. As though that weren’t enough, several participating boutiques will offer exclusive discounts during the event—perfect for those still putting their fall wardrobes together. And as we said, the $50 event price doesn’t just get you all of this—it also gets you the Passport to Baltimore card—and those two special weeks of discounts. All proceeds from the sales of the card go to the Junior League of Baltimore, who in turn provide a long list of services and programs for the Baltimore community. So…a fashion event held at Green Spring Station that directly supports the work of the Junior League of Baltimore. A match made in shopping-for-a-cause heaven? Could be.

For more information or to reserve tickets for the Passport to Baltimore fashion event, visit or

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