Pawn Shop Owner Indicted in $1 Million eBay Scheme

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2000px-EBay_logo.svgA federal indictment handed down Thursday once again offers a reminder that the stuff you buy on eBay could be stolen.

Noel Anshel is accused of buying shoplifted goods at his pawn shop, Hilltop Cellular, on Reisterstown Road in Baltimore, according to U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein’s office. Instead of just selling the stuff at his pawn shop, he then turned around and sold the items on eBay for a profit. Federal agents say the items included faucets, garbage disposal units, drills, saws, digital cameras and televisions sets. Anshel made more than $1 million in the scheme.

Anshel also made money from gift cards, the indictment says. The “boosters” who shoplifted the items would often return their stolen goods, then receive gift cards. Anshel bought the gift cards, and also sold them on eBay.

Anshel could face up to 10 years in prison. If found guilty, he’ll also have to forfeit the million he made, calling into question whether any of it was real.

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