Penguin Sleepover with Tripster

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catch of the day fish (2)So it’s that point in the season when Santa is working overtime. And we don’t even mean making the gifts and checking his list. We’re talking all the deliberating and thinking that has to go into picking out the absolute perfect gift for millions and millions of boys and girls the world over. Kind of a big job. And though you’ve maybe only got one or two youngsters you need to plan for, it can still get exhausting trying to outdo yourself (or Santa) year after year. Plus, unlike Santa, you have to live with all of the gifts that pile up with the holidays and find their way into the living room, the dining room, the basement, the master bedroom, etc. So if you find yourself searching these days for the absolute perfect gift, but would prefer its tiny, plastic, always-getting-stepped-on pieces not be scattered around the house, perhaps giving your kid an unforgettable experience (rather than a probably-soon-to-be-forgotten new toy) is in order. And what makes for a truly unforgettable experience for practically any kid? How’s a sleepover with penguins at the zoo sound?

Thanks to Tripster, (the incredible folks who plan out mind-blowing day trips for kids on weekends and school holidays) a sleepover with penguins can totally become a reality for your kids this winter. And even for you, if they’ll let you tag along. Back by popular demand (the November event was an absolute hit), the sleepover takes place Saturday, January 10th and lasts through Sunday morning. Now that the Maryland Zoo has completed its new state-of-the-art exhibit called Penguin Coast, you can snore along with these lovable birds and get to know what happens at the zoo when the zookeepers and and patrons all go home.  

Tripster kids will tour the Zoo from a whole new perspective, visit natural habitats, and look for nocturnal creatures, explore animal senses through participatory games, listen to camp light stories and songs, hang out with old friends and make some new ones! On Sunday morning, a light breakfast will be served and everyone (except the animals) goes home by 9:30am. However, the price of the Tripster event includes admission to the Zoo on Sunday, so you are welcome to stay and continue your adventure for as long as you’d like. And while the event itself won’t last forever, certainly the very special memories will.

The Tripster penguin sleepover event takes place starting on Saturday, January 10th. Reservations are a must. For more information, or to reserve a space, visit

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