Performance Art and Beyond at the Transmodern Festival

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Transmodern Art

catch of the day fish (2)Each year, we look forward to that quintessentially Baltimore institution: the Transmodern Festival. Sure, some of the offerings are a little, um, out there, but Baltimore is a town that prides itself on our off-beat, quirky taste. And besides, if you’re going to take in some performance art, wouldn’t it be disappointing to not leave going, “uhhhh….”?  But we should be more fair than that. Transmodern isn’t all vinyl costumes and puppet shows performed on people’s tongues (yes, we’ve seen that there). There’s a lot of work each year that’s perfectly accessible, humorous, and that you could even take mom and dad to. This year’s festival is hosted by the 14KT Cabaret, and features everything from dance to video art to monologues and more. Our top pick? The Christopher Hitchens Memorial Comedy Night and Ice Cream Social (on Friday, Sept 26)– named for the late author who immortalized his own misogyny with his essay in Vanity Fair, “Why Women Aren’t Funny.” Hosted by local woman-who-is-funny Lexie Mountain, the evening will be a marathon of five minute stand-up routines from, well, funny women. And the ice cream social part is no joke, either. A ticket to the performance also gets you a bowl, a spoon, and samples of local artisanal ice cream. So even if these dames don’t turn out to be funny, at least they can make you a proper sundae.

The 2014 Transmodern Festival takes place Sept 21-27. Locations vary by event. For tickets and more information, visit


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