Peter Cohen Trunk Show at Ruth Shaw

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Resilience. Will. The strength to go on. These are the human qualities often tested in the wake of natural disasters. When things get turned upside down, we get to see what we (and those around us) are made of. That being said, Superstorm (nee Hurricane) Sandy left most of us Baltimoreans relatively unscathed. Sure, we maybe got a reality check about how watertight (or not) our basement really is, or how long we could realistically live without the Internet (anyone else top out at a minute and a half?), but of course, it could have been much worse. For example, the Peter Cohen trunk show at Ruth Shaw could have been flat out cancelled. And what kind of message would that send? Are we going to let a little weather stand in the way of such a fashion opportunity? Of course not. This is how we show our mettle.

So kudos to Ruth Shaw for extending the only Peter Cohen trunk show in the region. The event, originally scheduled to have ended yesterday, will now run through Friday afternoon. Cohen’s designs are known for their sleek, simple silhouettes and uber-luxurious fabrics. This is a unique opportunity to snag some great pieces by the designer, so be sure to make it down there. Show the weather that no matter how it might try to keep you down, a true fashionista’s will to shop will always (of course) triumph.

The Peter Cohen Trunk Show takes place at Ruth Shaw from 10am-6pm today and tomorrow. Ruth Shaw is located in the Village of Cross Keys, 68 Village Square, Baltimore.

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