Pick a Pumpkin! Any Pumpkin!

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Pick your own pumpkin at Larriland Farm in Maryland

Quick: grab a kid! Just grab one and trick (or treat) them into accompanying you to Larriland Farm for an idyllic fall day of picking your own apples and pumpkins and getting lost in the straw maze. Sure, you don’t need a kid with you to go to Larriland (a group of fun-loving friends will do) but the joy of picking out the perfect pumpkin with intent to carve is definitely enhanced by young company. That being said, you can always just go solo and spend hours getting the vibe of each pumpkin in the patch—preparing to be the Michaelangelo that simply frees the Jack-o-Lantern from its gourdish form. This more esoteric approach may appeal to some readers. Do it any way that suits you, but be sure to make the trip!

Larriland Farm is a pleasant drive from the city limits. Not too far, but far enough to feel like a respite from whirring city life. They’ve got a selection of apples to pick yourself (think: homemade pies for everyone you know), patches of pumpkins, a straw maze, and hayrides on weekends. With seasonal weather being less predictable lately, and the sometimes-insularity of urban living, a short day trip to Larriland (and the pumpkin-carving and pie-making that will follow) can truly make fall feel like fall.

Larriland Farm is located in western Howard County. Visit www.pickyourown.com for directions and details about what’s ready for harvest.

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