Pick Your Own Fruit at Larriland Farm

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Pick Your Own

catch of the day fish (2)If you frequent a farmer’s market—like the Saturday Waverly market, or the all-out bonanza that is the Sunday morning market downtown under 83, you’ve probably noticed that summer food is here. Fruit, greens, squash, melons—it’s all happening. Hurray for Maryland’s long growing season, varied soil, and various micro-climates. In other words: we can grow a lot of stuff here—and it is oh-so-good. But why not get in on the action a little with a trip out to Larriland Farm, where you (and the kids) can pick your own strawberries (if they’re still there), raspberries, blueberries, and more (thornless blackberries, anyone??).

Though it’s a bit of a drive, Larriland Farm is our go-to spot for picking-our-own. The produce is delicious, the farm is beautiful and inviting, and the little farm store is always stocked with delicious treats and cold beverages. Of course, it’s recommended that you call ahead before heading out hoping to pick a specific fruit—demand and weather can have a big effect on what is or is not available on a given day. But with the great variety of summer delicacies that grow on this charming, family-run farm, we find it hard to believe that a good time (and a belly full of sweet summer fruit) wouldn’t be had by all.

Larriland Farm is located in Woodbine, in Howard County. For hours, directions, and a look at the summer fruit calendar, visit www.pickyourown.com.


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