Pickles, Oilves, and More from In a Pickle

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 In a Pickle

catch of the day fish (2)In the last few years, urban gardening has taken hold as the new must-do for anyone who’s living in the city and lucky enough to have a small patch of grass in which they could plant something. We’re growing tomatoes, herbs, and zucchini (so many zucchini), and the more adventurous of our neighbors even keep bees and the occasional chicken. And if you’re lucky (or a skilled gardener, rather) you may just end up with a bumper crop—an abundance of fresh food that really ought to be preserved, so that come winter you can still enjoy the fruits of your spring and summer labor.  One of the oldest preservation methods (and one that almost every culture practices in some form) is pickling. And who’s the local master of this ancient form? Well, when a local pickle company has as actual fan club (and they do), you probably need look no further…

We eat pickled foods all the time, but often they’re mass-produced and missing that zip of freshness that is beneficial bacteria’s way of saying, “Hey! We’re workin’ here!” Interested in trying some of the real stuff? Make the effort to seek out pickles, olives and—the real star of the show—sauerkraut from In a Pickle. If you frequent the Sunday Farmer’s Market under the JFX, you’ve likely seen the In a Pickle folks standing behind their giant barrels, serving up all manner of pickled goodness to long lines of devotees. But you don’t have to wait until spring to stock up. You can peruse an entire case of In a Pickle’s wares at the Baltimore Food Co-Op on Sisson Street. Of course, this option doesn’t come with a friendly pickle-packer offering you samples and tastings and recipe ideas—but at least it can tide you over ‘til the market starts up again.

For more information about In a Pickle, visit www.gogreeneatpickles.com. The Baltimore Food Co-Op is located at 2800 Sisson Street in Baltimore.

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