The makers of the foul-smelling product Liquid Ass say it’s “great for practical jokes,” but a recent incident at a Harford County bible camp involving the “uniquely stinky” novelty calls that claim into question.

The awful substance was sprayed along with deer repellent into two separate cabins at Harford County’s Christian-run Camp Wo-Me-To. One camper’s resultant eye and respiratory irritation prompted a 911 call.

A hazmat team was dispatched and, in the end, put “more than a dozen campers” through decontamination. Multiple medic units were also sent, and six campers had to go to the Upper Chesapeake Health System in Bel Air for further treatment and evaluation.

Most practical jokes involve some level of schadenfreude — or at least startle-freude — but you’d have to be a true sadist to enjoy someone else’s eye and respiratory irritation. So I’m going to assume the anonymous prankster is remorseful.