Presenting: Moby Dick (as only Baltimore can do it)

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Moby Dick

Call me Ishmael. In a bikini. Summer in the city means Fluid Movement (Baltimore’s beloved synchronized-swimming-water-ballet-and-more troupe) is at it again. This year, the company’s twelfth, they’re going classic (and classy) with their own rendition of Moby Dick. Yes, you should expect sparkle, irony, and bathing beauties, but all within the context of Melville’s tale of the ill-fated voyage of the Pequod and Captain Ahab. Perfect for those who’ve neglected their summer reading list, this production is basically a Cliff’s Notes in floaties, and it all takes place at your local public pool.

Moby Dick (the water ballet) debuted last weekend at the Druid Hill Park pool, and this weekend it will be at the Patterson Park pool. Whether you’re a long-time follower of Fluid Movement, or new to the whole novels-as-synchronized-swimming-thing (but why?), you’re sure to be entertained, edified, and surprised by this year’s production. As usual, the show is great for the whole family—just mind the splash zone and leave the harpoon at home.

Moby Dick plays this Saturday and Sunday at the Patterson Park Community Pool. Tickets are $10 ($5 for City Pool pass holders). Shows are at 5pm and 7pm. For more info, or to reserve tickets, visit

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