Probably More Than You Want to Know About Maryland’s, Um, Adult Website Viewing Habits

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Say what you will about Maryland, the state with the 7th longest average “visit duration” to pornography websites, according to data recently released by At least we’re not Mississippi.

Pornhub’s stats are full of prurient details, like the fact that people in North Carolina are into MILFs and — well, I’ll let you look for yourself. (Or not.) The three most popular search terms in Maryland are “ebony,” “college,” and “MILF,” in case you were curious.

The most abstemious states, porn-wise, are Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut (in that order), while three of the top five states are in the southeast. I guess they really were serious about that whole “dirty south” thing after all.

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  1. Isn’t that 4 of the top 5? Hawaii is the only state I can see there that isn’t southern—Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana are all Southern and in the top 5, unless I’m reading something in the chart, or your piece wrong. A state’s political conservatism or religious habits would make a more interesting overlay to these stats, then a states simply being below the Mason-Dixon.

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