Raven Beer for the Most Thematically Thorough Super Bowl Party Ever

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Raven Beer

catch of the day fish (2)We have to admit—we’re having A LOT of fun with Super Bowl preparations. And why shouldn’t we? So often, planning for a party or a special event means selecting food, drink, and décor that are tasteful, subtle and classy. Everything needs to be just so. But this is an occasion when the only way in which things need to match is that they all need to be purple—any shade. Food and drink included. Right? Well, we haven’t had any luck finding purple beer (yet…) but we are stocking up on Raven Beer for the big day

Raven Beer brews a variety of beers locally; so you could justify serving any of them this Sunday. But we think the Raven Special Lager is really the one for this occasion. The balanced lager beer goes well with any kind of food, but particularly with spicy food—which means it’s the perfect accompaniment to those purple chicken wings you’ll be serving. The brewers recommend  starting off with a shot of Woodford Reserve, and chasing it with a chilled Raven—though personally, we want to make it to Beyonce’s half-time show, so we think we’ll take it easy. Though perhaps created more in honor of Poe’s memory than in anticipation of Ray Lewis’ final game, we think the brewmasters would heartily approve of this particular use of the stuff.

To find out where you can purchase Raven Beer (available in bottles and kegs) , visit www.ravenbeer.com.

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