Ravens’ Justin Tucker Goofs on Matthew McConaughey for Carbiz

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Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is a multi-lingual opera singer, rapper, and electronic musician. With this new Carbiz commercial, he can add “Matthew McConaughey impersonator” to his resume.

The ad has Tucker waxing, well, not exactly “philosophical” about driving “one foot at a time” in a thick drawl. And you have to hand it to him; he manages to be pretty funny in 30 seconds.

Justin Tucker Driving w/ Both Feet – CARBIZ from Corner Unit Media on Vimeo.

As you may recall, McConaughey made a splash last yearwith commercials for Lincoln in which the award-winning actor sat behind the wheel, spewing vague nonsense. In one, he went on about “go[ing] back to actually move forward.” In another, he stares down a bull. Watching him, you get the sense he is one second away from telling you that “time is a flat circle.”

It’s not the timeliest spoof of the Lincoln ads, nor the funniest. But, hey, it’s not bad.

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