Ravens Ticket Prices to Hold Steady Next Season

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ticket prices
Good, we’ll have more money to spend on jerseys,  face paint, beard dye, beads etc.

Offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak may be gone (replaced by Bears’ ex-head coach Marc Trestman), but there’s at least one thing Baltimore Ravens fans can count on remaining the same in 2015: ticket prices.

According to Baltimore Business Journal, the Ravens have opted to freeze ticket prices (which average $100.19) for the second year in a row, despite another playoff appearance. BBJ‘s Ryan Sharrow speculates that it could have something to do with the goodwill the Ravens would like to rebuild with fans after their handling of the Ray Rice case.

Even at $100.19, prices are way above the NFL average of $84.43. If you care about getting the most games for your buck and you’re willing to defect, might I suggest moving to Cleveland and rooting for the Browns to enjoy the league’s lowest average ticket price of $54.20?

Just kidding! Just kidding!

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