RAW Batimore: April 4th

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catch of the day fish (2)Did anyone else notice how this past weekend really felt like spring? And it wasn’t just the weather. Maybe it’s just us and our glittering social calendar, but really, it was as though after months of semi-hibernation and getting through the drear, everyone, all at once, finally decided that this was the weekend for overlapping parties, performances, brunches, and general getting together.  But it’s cool; we were all too happy to provide the mimosas. But now that spring is here, we’re looking forward to weeks (nay, months) of taking in all the art and culture and general revelry that the city has to offer. A good start for those just coming out of their winter shells? RAW Baltimore’s April event, scheduled for this Thursday, April 4th.

If you’re not familiar with RAW events, they aren’t unique to Baltimore. In fact, the whole thing started in LA, but has since spread to over fifty cities in the US and Australia. The idea behind these monthly events is that each one features works and presentations by local underground filmmakers, visual artists, fashion designers, make-up and hair stylists, performers, and more. It’s like a speakeasy cabaret on steroids. Fittingly, cocktail (or “fashionable”) attire is required, and the events are 21+. For us that translates to curators and directors working hard to keep the atmosphere chic, the artwork well-respected, and the attendees feeling glamorous. We’ll be there!

RAW Baltimore’s April event takes place Thursday, April 4th at TATU (614 Water Street in Baltimore). For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit www.rawartists.org.

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