Red Sox Co-opt Maryland Flag for T-Shirts, and Plan to Wear Them in Baltimore

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Once again, there seems to be a little confusion over the difference between Maryland and Massachusetts.

With an Orioles-Red Sox series approaching next weekend at Camden Yards, Boston fans are once again planning a trip to enemy territory. This time, they’ve planted a flag — within their own team’s logo.

As first reported by RMNB, the team is throwing a Red Sox in Baltimore party in which all of the visiting team fans can sit together. It sounds like a good way to keep them from being obnoxious…until you see the T-shirt.

via Boston Red Sox

The Sox put the Maryland flag inside the B logo of the Red Sox. It’s called the “Red Sox Nation in Baltimore T-shirt.” Seemingly to rub it in, it comes just a couple of weeks after the Maryland Day promotional giveaway at Camden Yards.

It was bad enough when Walmart was confusing Massachusetts with Maryland. Now they’re trying take the best flag in the country.

That should calm the rivalry.

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