Report Blames 26th St. on Unqualified Maintenance Crews

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Maintenance crews weren't qualified to inspect 26th street

Neither the city of Baltimore nor CSX will take credit for the dramatic collapse of a block of E. 26th Street that sent cars, asphalt, and street lamps onto railroad tracks below, preferring instead to blame the weather. A report released Sunday seems to place the fault with both, finding that the City Department of Transportation and CSX responded inadequately to residents’ complaints.

The director of the City Department of Transportation had this to say to WJZ: “We never really took the extra step that we needed to take to figure out what was causing the repeated loss of sub-base underneath the roadway.” If that seems a little vague, consider this: The maintenance crews sent by the city and CSX to conduct visual inspections of the structure were all of them unqualified to do so!



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