Royal Farms Says Its In the Middle of Rolling Out Free Air

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free air

Royal Farms hasn’t actually been served yet with the class-action suit filed Monday that seeks to recover all the money the company has illegally charged for compressed air over the last 12 years. But Royal Farms marketing manager Ed Stronski is already responding.

Stronski told the Daily Record that the company has been rolling out free air pumps — which are required by an obscure Baltimore law — to its city location since April and plans to have all 16 spots switched over by year’s end.

Of course, that doesn’t change the legality of charging for air in the past. Stacie Dubnow, the attorney for the plaintiffs, asserted that “100 percent of what was collected was illegal.”

Good. Now all that’s left to do is kick back and wait for the $1.25 I may or may not have spent for air at a Royal Farms four years ago to come rolling in!


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