The Science of Chocolate: Cocoa-ology

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catch of the day fish (2)If you’re lucky, you’ll probably be eating your fair share of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. But what’s really going on underneath all that red foil wrapping? Find out the fun (and delicious) way at the Maryland Science Center’s special presentation on “cocoa-ology,” the latest in their adults-only lecture (and tasting) series.  The evening will be led by renowned chocolatier Larry McGlinchey, owner of Cacao Lorenzo Chocolatier. McGlinchey will present choice chocolate pairings with wines and liqueurs as well as a good dose of history and science facts to feed your intellect as well. This unique and interactive evening will begin with a  history of chocolate– exploring  where it comes from and how it’s made. And you’ll learn all about different chocolate styles, from truffles and bon bons to whipped, creamy and buttery. And yes, there is more to learn than the fact that you love them all. The Science Center promises that there will be plenty of time for sampling throughout. But don’t fill up too fast; McGlinchey’s pairing stations of chocolate, wine, and liqueurs are the night’s grand finale. Doors open at 7:00pm and the presentation will run from 7:30pm to approximately 8:30pm. But surely, the chocolate buzz will last long after that.

Cocoa-ology will take place at the Maryland Science Center on Thursday, February 19th from 7pm-9pm. Advanced registration is required, and only for those ages 21 and up. For more information, visit

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