Second Video of Towson Arrest Surfaces

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Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.28.17 AMBaltimore County Police removed a police officer from the streets after a second video of an officer repeatedly punching a college student during an arrest in Towson.

Initial video that went viral over the weekend showed officers punching 19-year-old Zachary Blumenstein while trying to arrest him outside the Greene Turtle on York Road. In a statement, county police acknowledged that the officer “used a closed fist to strike a man who resisted arrest.” The officer was placed on administrative duty, according to the statement.

“Given the controversy over this call and the fact that a review is under way, Chief Johnson said this is best for everyone, including the officer,” police wrote.

CBS Baltimore obtained new video of the moments before the first video, which shows more of the altercation. An officer grabs Blumenstein by the shirt, and hits him.

Police say they first made contact with Blumenstein 40 minutes before the first video began, and told him to leave the sidewalk. Later, they allege that they saw him try to push a man into the street. When police arrived, police said five other men were trying to restrain Blumenstein.


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  1. No sympathy after it was revealed he was a drunken, underage punk lacrosse player. Should have stayed in Washington.

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