Senate Democrats Are at a Secret Retreat in Baltimore

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Senate Democrats are at a secret retreat in Baltimore

Well, it’s not a secret anymore, thanks to the New York Times.

In response to the drubbing  they as a party suffered in November, Senate Democrats have stolen away to they Hilton Baltimore for a secret two-day retreat to sort stuff out. When the New York Times showed up to report on the meeting Wednesday, one senator’s aide asked, “How did you even find us?”

Despite their desire to keep the get-together — at which they attended session with titles like “Shaping an Issue Strategy That Sticks” and “Implementing a Winning Issue Strategy” — the Times says lawmakers were “upbeat.”

They could only have gotten more upbeat as they headed over to Center Club on Wednesday night to unwind. That event may or may not have included karaoke. I wash I had been there!

In other Baltimore-in-the-New-York-Times news, the Gray Lady reports that former Hopkins neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is raising millions from political donors with a Tea Party bent.


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