Senate OKs Maryland Home-Birth Midwife Bill

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home-birth midwife
A nice, cushy home birth.

In Maryland, if you want your home birth attended by a midwife who is not also licensed as nurse, you first need to find a brave soul and then pretend to anyone official that you are having your baby unassisted. If a complication arises in labor and you need to transfer to a hospital, your midwife becomes your “aunt” or ducks out entirely.

Those days may be numbered, now that the state Senate has unanimously approved a bill that would allow certified professional midwives to attend home births (following the unanimous approval in the House of Delegates of a similar bill).

The Baltimore Sun reports that the bill gained traction after home-birth advocates compromised on the issue of VBACs (“vaginal birth after Caesarean”), agreeing to table the question of whether midwives should be allowed to attend such births at home. A report on the safety of the practice will be delivered to the General Assembly at a later date.


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